air force requirements

As an active-duty airman and also a former recruiter of seven years I am asked often “how did you join the Air Force?” This is a very broad question because I mean generally the reply is to visit the recruiters office but, when people ask how you can join the Air Force what they most probably mean is what does it take? or what theAir Force qualifications are?
something you should understand is at the Air Force happens to be the military. Even though you may hear loads of rumors on the way the Air Force is really easier when compared to other branches of the military. Still it is a military organization therefore you must be willing to live a military lifestyle, albeit it may be easier than the other branches not every job in the Air Force is. There are jobs in the Air Force that will actually demand that you to work surprisingly hard and you may not like it.

When I was a recruiter most of the people who wanted to join were disqualified. whether it was or they were overweight or they have too many kidsor whatever, the point i am making is that most of the time they were of course disqualified. I cant tell you all Air Force qualification cuz once I write this there might be a change. policies do change quite often so, with that said, if your goal is to join the Air Force here are a couple of tips. Ask yourself how you did in high school specifically on standardized tests. If you did not fair so well on the SAT then you most likely are not going to do astonishing on the ASVAB. One musts core at the very least a 50 on ASVAB.

in addition you have to be at least 17 no older than 27. should you be 17 you are going to require your parents permission to become a member of the Air Force.

Lastly you have drug usage. If you have utilized any drug during your entire life beyond limited use of weed. You are completely disqualified from coming into the Air Force.

Just what is limited you ponder. I will say anything greater than 3 times is more than likelyno longer experimental. It’s up to the person how you answer this question but just be forewarned that a amount too high could bar you from access.

There will be other variables that come in to play like the physical requirement for the Air Force etc but i can’t possibly go over all of them here. This should get you going in the right direction. but if you can visit  my site  if you would like to learn more about Air Force Requirements

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